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Mother convicted of murdering children because they were “mouthy”

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TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida mother was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder for the shooting deaths of her two children.

Julie Schenecker, 53, was charged with murder in the deaths of her daughter, 16-year-old Caylx, and her son, 13-year-old Beau.

Prosecutors say she planned the murders, showing plans for the “Saturday Massacre” in her journal and a receipt for the revolver she purchased days before the shootings.

Schenecker says she shot her son to death while driving him to soccer practice.

When she came home, she told authorities she parked in the garage and shot her son one more time in “his mouthy mouth.”

Schenecker says she then went inside and shot her daughter twice in the head while she was doing her homework.

At the time of the murders, her husband was stationed overseas in Afghanistan

Prosecutors say she intended for her husband to find the children’s bodies when he returned home, citing an email that claimed the family was waiting for him.

During her interview with detectives, Schenecker said she killed her children for talking back to her and being “mouthy.”

She was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole, plus an additional 25 years per count.