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U.N. leaders discuss concerns of ‘killer robots’

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Leaders with the United Nations say they are concerned about killer robots.

Specifically, the UN is holding a convention on “lethal autonomous weapons systems.”

“We’re living in an incredibly important moment when it comes to the history of weapons and war,” said Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution. “Now we’re having to compare weapons by their intelligence, they’re autonomy. That’s something new that we haven’t measured before.”

The machines still require a human to direct them but are able to take the physical risk of the battlefield away from soldiers.

Unmanned drones have enabled U.S. pilots to remotely strike targets as far away as Afghanistan.

Right now, officials worry that emotion and logic are absent when machines are sent on a mission.

The United Nations will discuss whether this technology should be banned or restricted in any way from causing “unnecessary or unjustifiable suffering.”