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Village police try to solve unsolved murder of pregnant woman

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Village police are looking to the public to help solve an unsolved murder.

Last year, someone shot a pregnant woman to death outside her home on Sunnymeade Place.

22-year-old Amber Stokke and her unborn child were killed outside her home in the Village.

The crime dates back 16 months.

To this day no one has ever been arrested in the case.

Police say they need the public's help catching the killer.

"Of course the family is devastated. They've lost a daughter, lost a grandbaby. It's devastating obviously," said Village deputy chief Steve Jagosh. "You know obviously they need closure in this."

After the shooting, Stokke sped away jumped the curb, drove through a neighbor's yard and collided with a fence before passing away.

A crime that shocked neighbors both then and now.

"You never hear about that in this neighborhood because it is so safe and so quiet," said neighbor Shawna Boyd.

Village police say they do have information on possible suspects, but have never been able to make an arrest.

"There's people out there capable of committing this crime, so we need to solve the case for the public's safety," said Jagosh.

Stokke's family has since moved out of the state, but those who live in her old neighborhood hope that the individual who committed the crime is held accountable for the double murder.

"I hope the guy gets caught and goes to prison forever," said Boyd. "That's what should happen. That's just justice."

Murders do not happen in the Village very often.

Prior to last year's killing, the most recent homicide took place back in 2008.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that solves the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Village police.