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16-year-old caught on camera shoving elderly teacher to ground

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TEXAS – A Texas teachers says she’s fine after getting shoved by a student.

The 66-year-old ended up on the ground during the confrontation, which revolved around a cellphone.

The teenager is in trouble and local residents are shocked by the incident.

The Student – teacher confrontation at Nimitz high lasts for less than one minute.

Beverly Round is back home and on the mend after being treated for minor injuries.

“I’m all right, thank you,” Round said.

She says she’s now trying to move forward.

The 66-year-old’s neighbors are seeing the video for the first time.

“Oh no he did not push her down and they’re just standing there laughing at it,” neighbors say.

They say Round is a strong woman who refused to let health problems keep her out of the classroom.

Aldine ISD says school officials say Round confiscated a cell phone from the 16-year-old boy seen on the footage pushing her before knocking her to the floor. All to get the phone back.

Officials say the teenager who pushed Round was arrested by campus police.

He’s been charged with injury to the elderly.