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How beer can help you stay healthy this Memorial Day weekend

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If you are planning on having a cookout this Memorial Day weekend, using beer may help make your cookout a little healthier.

You may have heard cooking meats at high temperatures creates carcinogenic compounds in the form of char.

A recent study found that marinating meat with beer can cut down on the char build up.

Chef Robert Brener says, “Dark beer worked the best, but you could use any beer, lighter beers, and non-alcoholic beer worked as well.”

Fat that drips from the meat causes flare-ups, which can contribute to those carcinogenic chemicals.

Chef Robert Brener of Johnson and Wales University recommends leaner cuts of beef.

Brener said, “My personal favorite is skirt steak, and it’s very inexpensive because nobody uses it, but it’s really delicious.”

Expand your Memorial Day menu beyond burgers and dogs by loading the grill with veggies like asparagus, lettuce and peppers.

Try grilling fruit like peaches and watermelons to intensify their sweetness and add a smoky flavor.

Experts also recommend cleaning your grill thoroughly before you start grilling.