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Man claims he almost died after eating hamburger with tainted meat

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MICHIGAN – A Michigan man says he almost died after eating a rare hamburger.

He thinks the meat in his burger was tainted with E. coli connected to the massive beef recall.

The Michigan man believes he was one of 11 people in four states sickened by E.coli tainted ground beef, 1.8 million pounds of which has been recalled by Wolverine packing company, in cooperation with the government.

Wolverine says none of their meat has tested positive.

So far, government officials believe restaurants and retailers in nearly 40 states may be affected.

It’s one of the biggest recalls of its kind in years. And lawyers representing one of the presumed victims thinks it’s only going to get bigger.

USDA officials have publicly named retailers in nine states that may have sold the tainted meat.

But they haven’t released the names of the restaurants affected – where 10 of the 11 victims ate before falling ill.