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Two more, teen and juvenile, now charged in missing teen JaRay Wilson’s murder

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WEATHERFORD, Okla. -  Officials have arrested two more suspects in connection with the murder of 16-year-old JaRay Wilson.

Wilson went missing in October of 2012 and investigators thought she had been sold into human trafficking.

Her body was found 14 months later in a wooded area near Weatherford.

19-year-old Tucker McGee was arrested for her death and has been charged with first-degree murder.

Caleb McLemore, 19, and another juvenile suspect appeared in front of a Custer County judge Friday morning for allegedly knowing of Wilson’s murder and aiding or concealing information that would lead officials to McGee.

The Wilson family has walked into courtroom after courtroom as a united front that isn't going to back down until they see justice is served.

That meant being there Friday and facing a couple of men who allegedly played a role in their daughter’s murder.

JaRay Wilson’s father Rodney says, "It's been hard for me to control myself. I can go from tears to mad beyond belief in a sad matter of seconds. We just have to make sure the justice system works. That's all we can do."

For 14 months they searched for answers, answers that 19-year-old Caleb McLemore allegedly knew all along.

Wilson says, "How someone can go 14 months and be walking next to you and never say nothing?"

Court documents say McLemore got a phone call from 19-year-old Tucker McGee the day after JaRay Wilson was killed and agreed to help McGee bury her body.

McLemore told investigators he drove McGee and another juvenile suspect to a wooded area in Weatherford. He claims he didn't do any digging but remembers overhearing McGee say, “two feet should be enough” when he got back into his truck.

He says he drove around until the two were finished, picked them back up and drove them home.

"I'd like to go 19 months back to stop it. That's what I'd like to do,” says Wilson. “Just to know that they got to roam and walk free and do whatever they wanted, it’s probably just a good thing that I didn't know who they were."

These court appearances aren't going to get any easier, but they'll keep coming back until justice is served.

Jara Wilson says, "You have to listen to them say your child's name and being murdered in the same sentence. It's hard."

McLemore also allegedly encouraged McGee to get rid of the pistol used to kill Wilson.

The district attorney's office could not specify the charges against the juvenile other than that they are related to JaRay Wilson's murder.

McLemore is facing one count of accessory after the fact.

His bond was set at $500,000.