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Most expensive airports for air travel, can you guess what’s No. 1?

Airplane take off

Some of you flying out of town this holiday weekend may be driving to a remote airport or making connections just to get a decent fare.

If it seems like some airports are almost always more expensive than others, you’re right.

Consulting firm, analyzed transportation data and found the top ten most expensive airports in the nation.

Cincinnati, Ohio is at the top.

But half of the top ten are in the south.

Here are a few factors that can lead to higher fares:

Airports that serve a lot of business travelers.

Airports that serve relatively wealthy communities.

Lack of competition from discount airlines.

A high number of order, less fuel efficient regional jets.

Rounding out the top five most expensive airports:

2. Birmingham, Alabama.

3. Memphis, Tennessee.

4. Dallas, Love Field.

5. Charlotte, North Carolina.


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