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Man arrested after allegedly claiming identity theft to avoid paying back loans

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – On Wednesday, investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Sherman Texas and back to transport Christopher Baker, 39, on charges associated with fraud.

Investigators say they first began looking into the former Yukon man’s activity in March of 2014 when the Sheriff’s Office was informed of Baker’s false identity theft claims.

The Experian Credit Reporting Bureau reported they believed Baker had borrowed money from various financial institutions for luxury items and then defaulted on the loans.

Authorities say when creditors began the recovery process for financial losses, Baker claimed he was the victim of identity theft in order to not be held responsible.

According to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, Baker would file police reports alleging he was the victim of identity theft time and time again.

Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards said, “Baker’s false claims of identity theft only further victimizes legitimate claims of these types of crimes.”

Authorities say Baker also claimed to be an attorney while applying for the loans he later defaulted on.

After searching Baker’s residence, investigators say they located documents, and business cards indicating Baker was indeed an attorney.

Investigators say Baker even told them he was a graduate of the DePaul School of Law in 2004.

Investigators learned that it was impossible for Baker to have graduated from DePaul in 2004, as he was actually incarcerated in the Kansas Department of Corrections from 2002 to 2004.

During the search of Baker’s residence investigators located numerous other questionable documents, and seized several electronic devices including computers, cell phones, and tablets from the home for forensic examination.

Edwards said, “There’s no telling how many people and financial institutions this man has lied to and stolen from.  I’m thrilled he’s finally been exposed for the fraud that he truly is.”

Baker arrived to the Canadian County Jail this afternoon and was booked on charges of violation of the computer crimes act, three counts of forgery in the second degree, possession of forged instrument and for false reporting of a crime of criminal offenses.

His bond has been set at $125,000.