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Teachers upset about text books taken before last day

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Summer break is around the corner; but as the final days of school are winding down for Oklahoma City students, some educators say the teaching has come to a halt long before the semester has wrapped.

One teacher said, "They might as well stay home."

This long time educator is upset because the text books were collected before the last two weeks of the school year.

"So now we're just searching for things in our classroom to do. Being a veteran teacher, I have things to do for my kids. But let’s talk about the teachers who don't, who have been teaching one or two years, what are they going to scrounge for? I've heard the quote, of people saying that we're just babysitters. Well now it seems like we truly are .... It’s very heartbreaking because my kids in my classroom are excellent students."

Teachers say now that standardized test results are in; administrators don't care about anything else.

"It seems like we already have the test back and now they took up the books. To me that's saying to the kids we don't care what you learn after this."

News Channel 4 talked to school officials about this concern, they sent us this statement:

"We start asking students to return textbooks about a week before school is out to ensure we are ready to go for next year. Teachers can use online resources, workbooks and group activities to finish out the school year."

This Oklahoma City teacher says students need the text books to find the answers to questions in the workbooks.

"We need the text books to help us with that. The books go with the supplementary stuff. You have to, one goes with the other."