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Super fans cross oceans to see OKC Thunder in finals

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OKLAHOMA CITY – There’s nothing quite like a home OKC Thunder game.

“We love what it’s done to the city to Downtown OKC, it’s just wonderful, “Kay Hinz said. “We love the Thunder!”

We’re used to local Thunder fans, even national Thunder fans packing hotels downtown to check out a game.

But what about international super fans?

We met two Scottish women who flew all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to see their favorite NBA team live on the home court.

“I’ve always followed basketball, but never really had a team until the finals when they played the Heat. But ever since then I fell in love with the team, the players, Kevin Durant, Westbrook and all the chemistry,” Alison Hendry said.

A vacation to the United States was already in the works for the 19-year-old and her friend, but when she found out the thunder were in the NBA finals she knew she had to come to OKC.

Hendry says she decided to go to the game, “As soon as I knew there was a good chance they would be here and we would be around at this time. So as soon as I heard, I was a hundred percent certain I was going to come here and stand outside and be a part of the atmosphere.”

Maybe it was that long distance call from Caron Butler in Game 3 of the western conference finals that got her inside the Peake, or maybe it was just pure persistence.

Either way, she found a seat in Loud City, which was a perfect spot get a glimpse of her favorite men from the United States.

Hendry said, “This season there are so many good players, from Steven Adams and Reggie Jackson to Serge Ibaka is playing crazy right now. They’re all so amazing.”

She says it’s not a widely watched sport in Scotland, but to this Scottish lass it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Hendry said, “I tell you I’m very lucky. I’m a lucky girl and it’s a dream of mine to come here so definitely 100% a highlight of my life.”

Hendry is now on her way to watch game 4 in San Antonio against the Spurs.