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OKLAHOMA CITY - A grieving family fights to keep the suspect accused of killing their loved one behind bars.

29-year-old Ricky Betancur died last month after being assaulted with a baseball bat outside the Boomer Sports Complex.

The suspect, 22-year-old Eric Noyola, is behind bars for the crime.

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However, he claims he acted in self-defense.

Thursday, his attorney asked the judge to give the Noyola a bond so he can go home until the trial is scheduled to start.

The judge denied that request.

Nearly two dozen family members, wearing T-shirts with Ricky's name, came to court and supported the judge's decision, denying Noyola's request for bond.

"We're very happy with the outcome," said the victim's cousin, Amy Sanders. "We wanted to be here to honor Ricky's memory and show support, to make sure his family felt surrounded by love."

In late April, Betancur got involved in a fight in the parking lot of the sports complex.

Noyola admitted hitting Betancur in the head with a baseball bat, killing the husband and father of three young children.

"The family is trying to surround them and take care of the kids," said Sanders. "The most important thing is keeping Ricky's memory alive for his children who are young and have very few memories of him."

Noyola continues to argue the killing was in self-defense.