Saw blade spins out of control, morning commute turns into scene from horror movie

NEW YORK - It started as a normal walk to work in New York City when the morning commute turned turned into a scene from a horror movie.

One person was hurt when a blade from a buzz saw came flying out of the machine crews were using to cut concrete nearby.NY saw blade

Construction crews were tearing up the road in Midtown to fix a water line when the blade came loose and flew over 100 feet into the air.

Security cameras caught the incident on tape.

Witness Matthew Bisi said, "And all of a sudden, everyone started yelling 'Get down! Move!' It was just like crazy chaos."

If you look closely, you can barely see it whizzing by.

NY saw blade crowd


The blade finds a target, it caught a woman and knocked her to the ground.

"It took her right down, gashes on the side of the thigh, pretty shocked," Bisi said.

NY officers said she suffered a cut to the leg but was not seriously injured.