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Hazmat crews called to home after authorities find dozens of animals in filth

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WISCONSIN – Police say they’ve arrested a woman after finding dozens of pets in conditions so filthy – hazmat teams had to be called in.

The stench was so bad the hazard materials unit had to wear oxygen masks and neighbors like Pauline Zamecnik held her breath.

“I feel so bad for the dogs that are still in there, and the animals, i’m an animal lover and this is really hard,” said Zamecnik.

Inside Orphan Kanines, which was supposed to be a care giver to Wayward animals, investigators found more than 60 dogs, up to 10 cats and one pig in deplorable conditions.

“There’s feces all over the place, urine, we had Racine Fire Hazmat come out and they checked the ammonia levels. It wasn’t safe for our people to be in there for more than five minutes,” said authorities.

Police say they arrested the owner, a woman who bought the place about three years ago. She’s facing animal neglect charges, cruelty to animals and her bond is $50,000.

A team from the Wisconsin Humane Society arrived with kennels and clean up supplies, but even they needed back up from a mobile kennel unit, designed to haul a truck load of animals.