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Deputy ‘very lucky’ after a bullet goes through his window

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - A Logan County deputy was narrowly missed when a bullet came flying through his windshield Sunday night.

Deputies say the suspects were out shooting a "Mini 14," a rifle they say is similar to an AR-15.

Deputy Chief Rich Stephens said, "It's extremely fortunate, a .223, AR 15 type rifle bullet coming at him and could probably easily go through his vest."

Instead the bullet lodged in the deputy's car.

He saw the five suspects just ahead. Deputies say the men jumped into a truck and then took off toward the area where the deputy's vehicle was shot.

Stephens said, "They hit the railroad tracks way too fast, ended up rolling their vehicle."

The suspects may have gone airborne for a moment, crashing down, leaving deep ruts in the road and then rolling into a nearby yard.

Two of the suspects ran off, but were later captured by deputies. The other three were taken to a hospital.

Deputies believe the suspects started the night out shooting for fun.

Stephens said, "They were possibly shooting at one of the reflective signs by the railroad tracks."

He said, "No one has an explanation as to why they chose to shoot an oncoming vehicle."

The deputy was on his way to a call near Cashion at the time of the shooting.

He was not seriously injured.

Stephens said, "He had some glass fragments on him but he was treated and released at the hospital."

Stephens says the deputy was very lucky not to be injured. That deputy will return to work as normal.

The suspects are listed as 47-year-old Carl Dean Gallian, 19-year-old Christian Wade Gallian, 24-year-old Albert Dean Holcomb, 19-year-old Andrew John Duncomb and 19-year-old Allen Josiah Valentine.

Stephens says all are facing a charge of Shooting With Intent To Kill. He says more charges could be added once the investigation is complete.

Two of the suspects remain in the hospital at this time.