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OKLAHOMA CITY - Hidden cash Twitter accounts have been a big hit in places like Los Angeles and Chicago.

An anonymous user will tweet out cryptic instructions, telling their followers where to find various amounts of cash around the city.

Now the game has made its way to Oklahoma City.

On Sunday @hiddencashOKC tweeted out directions to hidden treasure.

The Sonaggera family says they were driving down the highway when they saw a tweet from @hiddencashokc stating there was money hidden at a nearby Burger King.

Jenita Sonaggera says they searched high and low and almost gave up.

Jenita said, "as we were leaving another tweet came through and when the tweet came through, it gave another clue. It said look behind the big box behind the speaker. It's wrapped in plastic."

Sure enough $35 was in the plastic bag, with it a note saying: "when found please tag @hiddencashokc on Facebook and Twitter. There's a lot more of these coming. Smile you're perfect."

Jenita said "obviously he's humble and he's a generous person because he's giving his money away."

The generosity has caught the attention of her six-year-old daughter Bella.

Jenita says "she emptied out her piggy bank and she brought it to me and said, 'here mommy I want to give this to you."

Little Bella lost a few piggy bank bucks, but gained a rich lesson.

Jenita says @hiddencashokc "is inspiring people to give and to pay it forward and he's inspiring even the smallest."