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Boy gets new new running legs in time for Endeavor Games

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Each step for six-year-old Talbey is a true miracle after an infection nearly caused him his life three years ago.

Talbey's mother, Kari Ahlum said, "They gave him a 5% chance of living, and they didn't know if it'd make it two and a half weeks, but he made it through and he's our miracle."

Talbey is a double amputee from the knees up, but it's not stopping him from his favorite activities like swimming ,biking and anything tumbling.

Back in December there was one thing he really wanted from Santa.

Ahlum said, "And he was like 'mom. For Christmas I just really want some running legs and Santa can do anything."

After a phone call to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, his parents were able to get blades donated.

Now, after a drive from Arkansas to Oklahoma City he's getting to try out his new belated gift.

Only three days in the running blades, and he's already made remarkable progress.

Prosthetics Practitioner at Scott Sabolich, Kyle Wagner, said, "The first couple of days it was a death grip on those bars and then today he's able to go three or four steps without holding on."

These new running legs will let Talbey do those small things so many of us take advantage of.

His dad Doug Ahlum said,"He can't be as fast as his brothers or his friends on the playground. The blade legs you can just immediately see they're going to give him more function to move, more freedom to just go."

Talbey is swimming and cycling in the UCO Endeavor Games this weekend with the hope to use his new present to run in the 5K.

Doug said, "If we keep building on a miracle and just seeing what happens I think the Endeavor games will be an inspirational event for him to see all of the other athletes and what they're doing."

Talbey also inspires others to never let a challenge defeat you from making it to the finish line.

The UCO Endeavor Games is June 5-8 in Edmond. For more information visit ucoendeavorgames.com.