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Man takes on speeders with controversial sign

NEW YORK – Slow down, or else!

A fed up New Jersey homeowner is using shock value to try and get driver’s to stop speeding in his neighborhood.

But some are seeing this as a threat.

Even without seeing them, you know there are a lot of kids in this Wayne neighborhood.

This sign was recently posted on Laurel Drive:


Dad of three Craig Rovere says speeding has become a big problem in his neighborhood.

He says cops patrol when they can, “But it’s a big town – 26 square miles. They can’t be sitting on my street all day,” said Rovere.

So, he took matters into his own hands, hanging the sign which reads quote: “Warning: If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding, you will not need a lawyer.”

And at the bottom: A large handgun.


Craig admits while most support the sign, some in the neighborhood have a problem with his implied threat.

He says he was aiming for shock value.

“I mean, guns exist, guns kill people – but cars kill people too. It’s kind of a hot button issue and that was the idea — I needed something…just a sign that said ‘slow down’ that doesn’t work,” said Rovere.

He says the speeding has gone down. And as long as it stays that way, so will the sign.