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Police: Woman shot ex-husband 10 times, stuffed body in metal box

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RISING SUN, Ind. – An Indiana woman says she killed her ex-husband and stuffed him in a metal box after he threatened to kill her, officials said.

Danielle Green, 42, of Dillsboro, Indiana was arrested Tuesday after police began investigating the disappearance of 62-year-old Raymond Green.

Danielle and Raymond divorced in January 2014, but still lived together at a farm in the 9800 block of Hartford Pike in Ohio County, Indiana.

A missing persons investigation was conducted after Danielle told officers she did not know where her ex-husband was.

Ohio and Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard said Danielle later claimed her husband was killed by her dog.

Indiana State Police said deputies performed a welfare check at Raymond’s property on May 28 after gathering enough probable cause to obtain a warrant to inspect his farm. It was there that investigators found Raymond’s body inside a decaying metal box.

The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office later determined Raymond was shot ten times — once in the back of his left temple, four times in the back of his head and five times in his body.

Kathy Feldcamp, who lives nearby, said she can’t believe Danielle would shoot her ex-husband to death.

“I’ve known her for quite some time, ever since she was a child. This is very shocking,” Feldcamp said. “She’s very gentle, sweet and kind. You would never dream this up.”

Danielle told authorities she shot Raymond with a 38-caliber gun she found in his nightstand because he threatened to kill her, prosecutors said.

“She comes out of the restroom. He’s standing there ? doesn’t have the gun ? but he’s standing there and says, ‘I’m going to kill you. You need to die,'” Negangard said. “She pushes him, shoots him five times, goes into a room on the opposite side of the trailer, unloads, reloads?(and) she shoots him five more times.”

But Negangard said Danielle was questioned again after Raymond’s autopsy and her story didn’t match up with new information.

Police recovered Danielle’s cellphone and discovered she searched several websites about 38-caliber weapons in March.

She is being held in the Switzerland County Jail.