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Apartment fire ‘hero’ goes door to door evacuating before fire crews arrive

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Eight families are still recovering after losing their homes to flames Wednesday night.

Midwest City crews battled flames at the Willow Creek Apartments leaving about 8 families homeless.

No one was hurt and many residents attribute that to their brave neighbors who went door to door evacuating before fire crews arrived.

Katelin Mundy was one of them. She does not want anyone to call her a hero. She thinks her efforts Wednesday night were just human nature.

Mundy says, “I haven’t ran in God knows how many years and I sprinted.”

It all happened so fast. Katelin Mundy took a picture right after she heard the explosion as the flames started to grow, and another just a few seconds later showing the apartment engulfed.

She and her family went from helping a family friend move in to saving lives.

“I said here take the kids. I’ve have to go help people there’s a fire,” says Mundy. “You really don’t think about it, you’re just running.”

She called it an "out-of-body experience," but when her work was done it hit her.

“I’m standing here watching the firefighters and I just break down,” says Mundy. “I cried because you realize that could have been you.”

She put herself in Josh's shoes. His apartment is where the fire started. He had pool chemicals on his balcony that reacted with rainwater causing the explosion.

Josh was too upset to say much on camera, but gave us an inside look at what is left.

Josh says, “It’s a total loss of all my stuff.”

His belongings lay charcoaled on the grass.

Mundy says its hard revisiting that night but she’s glad she was in the right place at the right time.

“I want to cry,” says Mundy. “I have to wake up in the morning and just realize how lucky I am to still have what I do.”

Josh will not be responsible for any damages. Officials called the explosion and fire a fluke.