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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police have released new information concerning the bomb scare in Southwest Oklahoma City Friday.

"We kind of freaked out for a minute because we didn't know, big bomb? Is there even a bomb?" said Chris Smith.

Just 16-years-old, Smith and his parents watched from inside their home, wondering what the family next door had done.

"He has three little girls, and his wife is pregnant," worried Smith.

Police were searching the home for drugs. They wouldn't say what they found inside the home that looked like an explosive.

"We don't describe items because people will replicate them to make it look like a bomb for us to come out and get it," said Capt. Dexter Nelson.

He said it all comes back to Victor Castillo.

Police arrested him Thursday when they say they found 70 pounds of marijuana and 300 grams of meth in his car. Then, they searched the home at SW 49th and Ollie.

Police say family took the children inside the home.

Police say the mother-to-be that the neighbor was concerned about, went into labor when they showed up searching for drugs.