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Ceiling collapse, leaves several families without homes

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents got a rude Friday wake-up call at the Oakwood apartments in Northwest OKC as rain gushed through their collapsed ceiling.

Dean Hagen said, "It was just gushing like a waterfall. If you've ever been to a waterpark it was just flowing like a waterfall."

Riley Webb said, "It's just leaking everywhere. The apartment above me caved in and there's just water everywhere all over my apartment."

Webb lost her home almost one year exactly after the May 31 deadly storms flooded her and her son Bryce out of their house.

"I don't know what we're going to do. We kind of had to restart already," she said.

Bicycles, boxes of valuables and even pets being shuffled into vehicles to get out of harm's way for fear of more damage.

"My clothes, my furniture, my TV because it looked like it was just going to bust everywhere," Derrick Briley, a resident who lost his home said.

Six units were damaged and fire crews say when heavy rain gets inside, it can create too much strain on buildings.

"It soaks the sheet rock. Makes it too heavy to be held up so it falls down, so that's what has happened in this case," Chief Arnold with the OKC Fire Department said.

Now 12 people are without a place to stay.

"I've got a couple of friends I can go to, but I don't really know where to go right now because there's money problems and I just gave the rent lady my money," Briley said.

Until their apartment is repaired the American Red Cross will help those displaced by the flood.