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Popular television show that paved the way for NewsChannel 4

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OKLAHOMA CITY - As we have been celebrating our 65th anniversary, many viewers have been writing in about a show that was unparalleled in popularity.

The "Circle 4 Ranch" show ran for 14 years.

There was a waiting list to get on the show and many parents often had to book a reservation at the Circle 4 Ranch a year and a half in advance.

The adventures of Foreman Scotty were not scripted.  They made it up as they went along.

There were no special effects, and yet it was a hit.

The Foreman Scotty Show ended in 1971.

At the height of their popularity, Foreman Scotty and Danny Williams were receiving more than 1,000 letters every week.

As we begin our 66th year of broadcasting in Oklahoma ,we are grateful to the television pioneers who paved the way to make Channel 4 the success it is today.