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Vet hopes Moore could become Flag Capitol

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MOORE, Okla. - A Korean War Veteran has a unique goal for his community, and it has everything to do with the stars and stripes.

Tucked back on a street in Moore, you'll find Private First Class Dean Poff.

"When the flag goes by, I get goose bumps," said Poff.

He's lived in Oklahoma 81 years. He only left at the age of 22 to fight in the Korean War.

"This is a country a lot of people died for and looks like the way things are going now, maybe they died in vain," said Poff.

However, something started changing in Poff's mind after he saw what the young couple next door did. They hung up their American Flag.

"We're always going to support our troops," said Linda Stayton. "They're out there fighting for us."

Inspired, Poff walked over to Stayton's home to say thank you.

"It was an absolute honor, absolute honor," said Stayton. "He was like I really appreciate it. I want to get one too and asked if maybe we'd help him get a flag and help him put it up, and we're like absolutely."

The next day, Poff had his flag and a goal.

"At first I thought I'd like to see if on this street, and then I decided why think little think big," said Poff. "Take it to the city."

He wrote to city leaders expressing his wish that every house in Moore could have a flag.

"Too many of our younger generation has not been taught to respect our flag and what it stands for, and I think it would be great if Moore, Okla. could become the Flag Capitol of the United States," Poff wrote.

The city posted his words online and hundreds took notice.

"I wish I could afford to buy everybody a flag, but I can't," laughed Poff.

Flags around Moore are popping up all because of the letter signed, "Just an old Korean Vet."