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First-graders evacuated after classmate brings packets of heroin into class

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PHILADELPHIA – Police say a Philadelphia first-grader brought 10 packets of heroin to school Tuesday.

The little girl’s class was evacuated and over 20 were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

About 20 first-graders were led out of their classroom at Barry Elementary and onto a school bus headed for an emergency field trip to Children’s Hospital.

“The only person that we are sure that had contact with the product was the young female who brought it in. The young girl who brought it in did feel dizzy, didn’t feel well so we sent her over to make sure she’s okay,” said Capt. John Przepiorka, with the Philadelphia Police Department.

The child’s mother is being questioned by police.

Parents were given a letter, saying an illegal substance was found on a child.

The school district says  the teacher and principal followed protocol to the letter, called 911, even evacuated the class and had the children evaluated.