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Reports: Terror group “too radical for al Qaeda” overtakes Iraq cities, forces flee

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(CNN) – Militants associated with a terror group, who is described as “too radical” for al Qaeda, have reportedly overtaken Iraq’s second-largest city and gained complete control of the northern city of Tikrit.

According to CNN, two police stations in Tikrit were set on fire and a military base was taken over by militants from the ISIS and ISIL.

On Wednesday, the group raided the Turkish Embassy, capturing 48 people, including a few diplomats.

They also seized parts of Baiji, the site of Iraq’s largest oil refinery.

The radicals were able to overrun police stations, free more than 1,000 prisoners and captured the city’s international airport.

CNN reports American-trained Iraqi government forces fled as the ISIS fighters raided their bases.

Iraq’s parliamentary speaker said, “The [Iraqi] forces abandoned their weapons and the commanders fled, leaving behind weapons, armored vehicles. Their positions were easy prey for terrorists.”

On Wednesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered that all military leaders who fled be court-martialed.

So far, more than 500,000 people have fled the fighting near Mosul.

Hospitals are inaccessible because of the fighting and mosques are being converted to emergency clinics.

Refugees are causing traffic jams at checkpoints as they try and flee to nearby cities.