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Update: Rodriguez family looking for answers, asks attorney to resign

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MOORE, Okla. - The family of Luis Rodriguez, the man who died after a scuffle with police outside of the Warren Theater, says they have asked their attorney to resign from the case.

Nair Rodriguez spoke out about her decision Tuesday.

She says while justice is her main priority she is doubtful it will come from authorities currently involved in the case.

Nair said, "He was my partner of life."

While it has been almost four months since she lost her husband, the pain is still raw.

Nair's life has changed dramatically, as her fight for justice continues.

She said, "This is not about taking money from people."

Rodriguez has recently asked her attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez to resign from the case.

She felt there were red flags.

She says she also felt he and his staff were not being honest with her, going as far as negotiating with Moore Police regarding a potential civil suit.

Nair recently saw the surveillance video taken from the Warren Theater parking lot.

She saw the video after she was interviewed by the OSBI.

She says her attorney should have asked to see the video weeks ago.

Nair believes the video shows police were in the wrong.

She said watching the video was a painful experience.

Nair said, "They were kicking, kicking him. A person on the ground."

Though her husband has now been cremated, she is still awaiting the results of a private autopsy.

Nair shared home video with us of a trip in April.

The video shows her on a beach as she walks into the water, spreading her husbands ashes into the waves.

The beach where she spread his ashes was the place where they first met.

Nair says she will keep fighting for Luis, knowing her fight cannot bring him back.

She said, "My husband is gone, nothing can take him back to us, but at least someone else can be safe from this situation."

We reached out to the law office of Michael Brooks-Jimenez, who released the following statement:

"While I disagree with Mrs. Rodriguez' characterizations, I respect her decision. I also wish her the best in the future."

Nair did say the video from the theater is from far away; however, she believes it shows her husband did nothing to provoke the officers who were trying to detain him.

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