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Serial tickler reportedly breaking into sleeping college students homes

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BOSTON – Police are looking for a burglar who has broken into several homes near Boston College – and tickled some of the occupants’ feet.

Police say the man was wearing a mask when he broke into three homes in Brighton.

One of the residents, college student David Master, said his roommate felt something tickling his foot, but thought it was the cat.

It was then when he woke up and saw the masked intruder by his bed, who quickly ran out of the apartment.

“It’s just very weird and unsettling. He didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t take anything, but it does seem very creepy,” said Master.

Master says the intruder did not take anything, nor did he hurt anyone.

There were reports of a break-in in two other homes, and the intruder wore a black mask.

Another college student says a man broke into his house last year and had also tickled one of his roommates’ feet, but the intruder was chased out of the home.

“One of my roommates chased him down the stairs and chased him down the street, but that was it. He never caught him,” said college student Vance Vergara.