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Frightening trend hits U.S. orange industry


Newly released numbers show a frightening trend in the citrus industry.

The USDA reports production in Florida is projected to be down 22% this month, compared to one year ago.

Experts expect it to continue to fall.

This week Рindustry leaders from across the state  are in Bonita Springs for their annual state conference Рand all eyes are on a disease that is killing orange groves.

It’s called citrus greening, and there’s no cure.

It’s a bacteria that is spread by an insect that’s as common as the mosquito in Florida.

Just a few years ago it was projected that it had already cost the state of four and a half billion dollars.

Right now the industry is looking at every option to stop it from spreading.

One long-term solution that’s being considered by the industry is genetic modification.