Pleasant Monday with highs in the low 70s

Local residents dealing with damage after overnight storm

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YUKON, Okla. - The overnight storm left nearly 7,000 people in the metro without power at one point.

OG&E crews have been working to help get folks back on the grid.

Dangling and broken tree branches litter Georgie Melot's yard.

Melot said, "That's just part of having the beautiful trees in your yard, you're going to lose some of them sometimes."

Melot's family lives in Yukon, one of the hardest hit areas here in the Metro.

Melot said, "When we're without power, we're without water, we're without heat, we're without air.'

Wilshire was closed from Mustang Road to Piedmont Road as crews fix six of the wooden power poles that were damaged by the storm.

Even with all the storm damage in her yard, Melot is staying optimistic.

She is looking forward to her husband having a busy weekend.

Melot, "He'll have tree limbs to clean up, I'm sure he'll have our boys come over and help him, haul them in the back of the truck and wait until we can have a burn pile."

If you have an outage, contact OG&E at 1-800-522-6870 outside the metro or (405)272-9595 inside the metro.