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“I’ll fight to the end,'” Tornado victim claims metro apartment broke its promise

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MOORE, Okla. - A Moore family, who lost their home last year in the May 20th tornado, says a metro apartment complex made promises they are now not willing to keep.

The tornado victims signed a lease with an apartment complex with the understanding they would not be penalized for moving out once they found a new home.

Now, the family says they're being punished for moving their family of five, plus two pets, from a small apartment to a house.

Marty Wilson says the apartment complex has told him the previous managers made too many promises.

He says management told him he will have to pay a $1,000 termination fee to move out, breaking his lease.

Wilson said, "I told her you're not getting a dime out of me. I'll fight to the end."

Marty and his family moved to the Summit Pointe Apartments in Southwest Oklahoma City with the understanding they could move out penalty free when they found a new home.

He said, "They told us they wouldn't hold us to a lease as long as we gave a 30-day notice."

His lease paperwork shows they were even given discounts on their deposit and other fees.

But when Marty turned in his 30-day notice, he was told he would have to pay.

He said, "She said, 'Well, the previous leasing company made too many promises we can't keep.'"

The management group had changed since the Wilsons moved in.

Marty contacted the previous managers who even sent a letter stating they had adjusted the lease "understanding it was a temporary living situation due to the tornado."

Despite that letter, Marty says the current managers refused to budge.

He said, "They still said, basically, it's the way you read this. It's your interpretation of what they're saying."

He says a specific clause in the lease, called a "House Buying/Building Clause," is what the apartment management is pointing to, saying since his family is moving to another rental property they do have to pay the termination fee.

It's a fight Marty says he won't give up on.

He said, "It's just wrong."

We reached out to the Summit Pointe Apartments. So far, they have not responded to our request for a comment on this story.

Marty says his family is not alone.

They have friends who also moved to the complex who are currently fighting the same battle.