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Football heaving man arrested in Purcell

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PURCELL, Okla. - He may not be a quarterback, but police say Quincy Goldsby sure was heaving footballs.

An officer first tried to stop Goldsby at the Lexington-Purcell bridge for a broken brake light.

When Goldsby finally pulled over, police say he took off running.

He began tossing footballs out of a backpack.

It wasn't until they caught him that they police realized all the footballs were split open.

The police report says the footballs were filled with cell phones, cell phone chargers, tobacco, rolling papers and scales.

Police believe there is only one place a football like that would likely be headed.

They believe Goldsby was going to bring the footballs to the prison in Lexington, and throw them over the fence for the inmates.

"There's really no other purpose that I can think of other than to stuff them with contraband and throw them in the prison," said Det. Scott Stephens. "As I understand it, this man had recently been released from prison, and that's how he knows what prisoners want."

Investigators say inmates with contraband is a growing problem.

Jenny Ward lives next to the prison and says guards have mentioned it to her.

"The guards were following me on the property," said Ward. "They just wanted to make sure I own the property because people had been going back there and throwing contraband across the fence."

She never imagined people would use footballs to conceal the contraband.

Goldsby had five footballs on him. Still, police say they could only arrest him for running from them.