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U.S. Senate candidates Lankford & Shannon respond to attack ads

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Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, T.W. Shannon and James Lankford, are now answering attack ads that are airing on television as the primary election draws near.

One ad against Lankford says the Congressman voted three times to increase the debt limit by three trillion dollars.

Lankford said Tuesday that ad is misleading, saying he voted to use the debt ceiling as leverage to force democrats to decrease federal spending.

An ad attacking Shannon says the former Oklahoma Speaker of the House voted for higher debt and expanded Medicaid for the same special interests that employed him.

The Shannon campaign canceled our interview, but responded via e-mail, saying Shannon reduced the state's debt and stopped the Obamacare Medicaid expansion plan.

What neither ad points out is that both candidates voted along with the republican majority on each issue.

"I think what is deceptive is they try to use a term that I'm increasing debt, when I'm actually working to get out of debt," Lankford said in a phone interview.

The Shannon campaign said, "The facts are indisputable. JL has voted to increase the debt limit in the United States by $3 Trillion."

Lankford said he refuses to run attack ads, pointing out that a conservative group, Foundation for Economic Prosperity, produced and paid for the commercial that attacks Shannon.

The Oklahoma primary elections will be held on June 24.