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MOORE, Okla. - A metro family is using a really cool piece of technology to help keep an eye on a child with autism who has a tendency to wander off.

It looks just like a wrist watch. However, the device, called an iLoc, can do so much more.

In fact, police say it could be useful for anyone who is at risk of wandering off or getting lost.

Leah Cornacchia, who has a son with autism, said, "He is a fast runner. He's in good shape. He's 12 years old and he's very motivated."

Leah says her son, Joseph, is full of energy.

Leah said, "He started wandering at a very early age. He has an adventurous spirit."

A few weeks ago, Joseph went missing.

His mom called Moore Police who searched for four hours before finding him miles from home.

Detective Scott Carpenter, with the Moore Police Department, said, "When we did find him he was cold and wet and shivering."

"Everyone was involved, neighbors, strangers," said Leah. "He was pretty oblivious to the fact we were hunting for him."

Since then, Leah has purchased a device called iLoc. It looks much like a watch but contains a GPS which can help mom and even local police track Joseph to within 10 feet of his location.

Detective Carpenter said, "He wears it. He doesn't have a problem with it. It doesn't bother him. It's cool. He thinks it's cool. His friends think it's cool and it allows us to pinpoint him within like 10 feet of where he's at any given time."

It also has a keyed lock, making it impossible for Joseph to take it off.

Leah said, "It's money well spent."

At a cost of just under $500 the iLoc watch works with Android and Apple devices as well as a regular computer.

Police say it's a great tool which can help in numerous situations.

Det. Carpenter said, "You know we see the Silver Alerts for people who went to the store and have gotten lost somewhere, their family member or caretaker can just look it up online."

The device not only tracks a person, it can also allow them to call for help or alert family members when they go beyond a preset boundary.

There is a monthly subscription fee for the service, but Joseph's mom says it's worth every penny.