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25 Years Ago: Switzer Resigns at OU

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The news was sudden and shocking.

Barry Switzer was resigning as the head football coach at the University of Oklahoma.

It was June 19, 1989, and it marked the end of an era.

An era that spanned 16 years with Switzer as the OU coach, 12 conference titles, and three national championships.

That summer day 25 years ago, Switzer said he was drained, that he didn't have the energy to be the Sooner coach any more.

In spite of all the national glory, victories and championships, Switzer said it was his relationship with his players and former players that he would remember and cherish the most.

Five years later, Switzer would return to coaching as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, leading the team to a Super Bowl title after the 1995 season.