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OKLAHOMA CITY – A local boot camp for kids is seeing positive results.

Children from all over attend the two week training for the True Vine Ministries Boot Camp.

Along with drill exercises that promote physical activity and teamwork, children of all ages take part in classroom tutoring, scripture lessons, and even rap sessions.

True Vine Boot Camp Commander Elizabeth Adams says they teach the participants, “Respect for authority, patriotism.  We have rap sessions as well.  We have topics such as gang violence, drug abuse, internet predators, peer pressure, things that our young people face daily.”

Organizers say their goal is to save these kids from the world around them.

Boot Camp participant Ivona Walker said, “It changed my life.  It changed everything.  I have graduated high school.  I’m on my way to college now.”

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer, judges, and other local leaders help with the boot camp each year.