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Father of two outraged by the actions of an Oklahoma City police officer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A homeowner is outraged by the actions of an Oklahoma City police officer.

The man says a patrolman put his family in danger after dropping off a suspicious person at his home.

It all started with a knock at the door.

Temethy Williams says as he was walking to see who was on the other side, "Next thing you know I hear my door knob turning."

He says a large man who looked like a 'gangster' with tattoos on his face was trying to get inside.

The single father of two girls got nervous, not knowing who the man was.

He told him he was at the wrong house and he need to leave.

As the man walked out the fence, Williams opened the door.

"The officer, when I came outside was backing out of that driveway right there where my aunt lives across the street," said Williams.

He says that's when a neighbor told him the man just got out of the back of a police car.

"I feel like my life was in danger at the moment that he let that person out of the car and took the handcuffs off at my residence," Williams said.

Williams says that should have never happened.

"They have a computer in those cars they can look this stuff up to find out who lives here, what's the name, a phone number even. Or the officer could have at least follow protocol, got out of his car knocked on the door and asked me who lives here before he let him out of the car," Williams added.

NewsChannel 4 talked to Oklahoma City Police about the incident. Turns out the officer saw the man walking and decided to give him a ride to where the man said his grandmother's house was.

But, that was not his grandmother's house.

The Williams family has lived there nearly 20 years.

Master Sergeant Gary Knight says its not unusual for an officer to give a citizen a lift.

"Often times its because of inclimate weather other times its because the person is simply on foot and asked for a ride and you drive them a few blocks and take them to wherever they are wanting to go. And that is not unusual at all," said Knight.

But Williams, who filed a complaint about this incident, says the officer should have done his checking before dropping the man off.