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LINDSAY, Okla. - A Lindsay man was arrested after police say he allegedly videotaped women as they were undressing to get into tanning beds at a local gym.

"It's just disgusting. You know, you don't think about this happening to you," said Nita Branch, one of the victims.

Branch and her 14-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, had gone to Flex Works Gym in Lindsay to tan.

As Cheyenne was getting out of the tanning bed and putting her clothes on, she saw something over the edge of the walls, which don't quite meeting the ceiling.

"I looked up and I seen a camera and slowly went back," said Cheyenne Branch.

Police were called to the gym where they confronted Eric McCoy, 31.

Police say McCoy initially said he didn't have a camera, but the probable cause affidavit states, "I then asked him to step away from the equipment so I could check the area and as I picked up the small white towel, a small black video recorder fell out of it. I then looked at Eric and he lowered his head. I asked if he had been recording and he stated yes."

"I'm sure he's done this before. It's not the first time you know but I'm just sad that it happened to us and I don't want it to happen to anybody else," said Nita Branch.

Police said they found 14 recordings showing 4 individuals nude.

They included Nita and Cheyenne Branch and Leah Delcambre and Raevan Smith.

"Just disgusted like they said, violated," said Delcambre.

Smith said she started bawling when she saw herself in the video.

"Started filming as soon as I started undressing myself until I laid down in the tanning bed," said Smith. "It was painful to see yourself like naked for one and to know that some creep videoed you, it's disgusting, it's hurtful."

These victims are now united in their bond of getting justice, especially for the youngest one in the group, Cheyenne, who discovered the crime in the first place.

"She was a brave little girl. I'm proud of her," said Nita Branch.

McCoy is facing four charges of using photographic, electronic or video equipment in a clandestine manner for any illegal, prurient, lewd or lascivious purposes to view upon a person, or publishes or distributes any image obtained from such act.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges in court last week.