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One man’s trash is another man’s gift to his girlfriend; KFC rolls out with real gold necklaces

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If you’ve never had a meal you didn’t want to forget you’re going to love this.

Kentucky Friend Chicken fans can now own a gold plated chicken “wang” necklace.

And the best part, the necklace will be created from a real KFC bone!

The Kentucky company has teamed up with Meghan Carroll of Meg C Jewelry to create these one of a kind necklaces.

Carroll came up with the idea one night after eating KFC wings with her boyfriend.

A limited run of twenty gold necklaces will go on sale online at Kentucky for starting at 10 am Friday, June 27th.

A small 14 carat gold plated chicken “wang” necklace will sell for $130.00, a large “wang” necklace will go for $160.00.