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New development in document lawsuit against Oklahoma Governor

Gov. Mary Fallin

OKLAHOMA – There’s new development in the document lawsuit against Governor Mary Fallin.

Brady Henderson, a Legal Director for the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Fallin stating by law Governor Fallin is required by law to hand over 31 documents, related to her decision to reject Obamacare.

Henderson referred to the Open Records act in this suit.

On June 17, Judge Barbara Swinton said the governor must turn over a log of emails with who sent the emails, who they were sent to along with the date and subject line.

The governor’s office had refused to hand over the documents regarding her decision to not setup a state healthcare exchange and expand Medicaid.

The ACLU argues those emails are public information while the governor maintains executive privilege.

Click here for the judge’s ruling on 6/17.

Today on 6/27/14, Brady Henderson with the ACLU filed another brief asking for clarification in the judge’s orders.

Read the ACLU’s motion to reconsider.