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High humidity poses a threat to Oklahomans

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The heat is a concern for many Oklahomans as we move into the heart of summer.

The humidity today made the temperature feel like it was 102-108 degrees.

John Graham with EMSA says "Humidity can be what really hurts. It can be well below 100 with high humidity, it takes the moisture right out of you."

It's that moisture that could be the difference between life and death.

The Chase family, who are working on becoming more active this summer, say they have a plan to beat the heat.

Donna Chase said, "We try to get out as early as possible in the morning and we make sure all the kids have water bottles and we're really hydrated when we come out."

EMSA says those two practices are key to remaining safe in the summer heat.

Four Warn meteorologist Matt Posgai says your body may have trouble cooling naturally with high humidity.

"If your body's perspiration doesn't evaporate off your skin, it does nothing. It just drains you of water and that's it. The sole purpose of perspiration is so that it evaporates and cools you."

So if you have to be out in the scorching temperatures for an extended period of time, EMSA says there are extra precautions to take that could save your life.

John Graham said, "Leave your home prepared. Water, have it with you, and a charged cell phone if you're not feeling well. It's a lot of things we go over in the winter time and it's applicable to the summer. You need to be prepared for the 'what if.'"