Sweet: Police respond to ‘vicious’ pit bull call… and have a heartwarming response

ARLINGTON, Texas – A lot of people are afraid of big dogs, especially pit bulls.

So, when Arlington police were flagged down for a vicious dog, they kept their guard up.

After a closer look, Sgt. Gary Carter noticed the pit bull in question was not bad at all.

“He was friendly. He was more trying to make friends than hurt anybody,” said Sgt. Carter.

He and a fellow officer were able to lure the dog into their squad car.

“Using one of her protein bars. He didn’t want to get in at first, so we had to use a little food to coax him in,” he said.

The officers took to Facebook, asking about the dog’s owner.

It was shared over 70,000 times and liked 174,000.

“I’m glad that it had this response. Maybe people can realize that not all big dogs are dangerous and second, not all police officers are out there to shoot big dogs because we’re not,” Carter said.

Fortunately, the dog was micro-chipped and was able to go back home.

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