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EDMOND, Okla. - A fun day at the pool quickly turned terrifying after a 15-year-old was rushed to the hospital suffering from a serious head injury.

But it wasn't from running on slippery surfaces, or even diving into shallow water.

In fact, it stemmed from something most of us wouldn't see coming.

"When I was underwater it fell on me," said Chaise Tillett.

What Chaise says fell on her while in the lazy river was a lifeguard chair that swept up in the wind.

"I blacked out a little when it hit me, but I do remember that I had come up out of the water," said Chaise.

"When the chair hit me I bit my tongue and there was blood everywhere," she added.

This happened June 27th.

Since then Chaise has been to multiple doctors.

Her family says she's been diagnosed with a concussion after the slam to the front of her head.

She spends her days with ice packs and multiple headaches.

"Pain where it hit me and headaches throughout the day," said Chaise.

We talked to the city of Edmond who owns Pelican Bay.

They told us the lifeguard chairs aren't bolted down so they can be moved to different areas to guard.

Chaise's grandmother says something needs to be done

"I think our biggest concern is that other children not be hurt. Some action needs to be taken. It's not like the wind is going to go away."

As for Chaise, she's taking it one day at a time and hoping something comes out of this.