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Beauty expert to the stars arrested in bizarre murder-for-hire plot

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LOS ANGELES  – It’s a bizarre case made for Hollywood.

A skin care expert to the stars is now charged in a murder-for-hire plot.

An arraignment will be held on Monday for Dawn Daluise, who police say wanted to take out her competition and hired a neo-Nazi to do the job.

Dawn Daluise billed herself as a beauty guru to the stars but now, officials say the glamour is gone.

“She wanted me out of the building,” said Gabriel Suarez.

Deputies say Suarez became a target after he opened a skin care salon in the same building as Daluise.

He says it wasn’t long before she started to complain about the competition.

“I came in and I said, ‘Can I help you?’ Because she was in my office. And she said, ‘Oh good, a Mexican that speaks English.’ And that hurt,” Suarez said.

According to detectives, Daluise devised a plan to kill her rival and sought out a white supremacist to do it.

“The phrase was, at that point, in essence, to find somebody to take out a double minority Mexican gay,” said Det. Steve McCauley, with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Prosecutors say a text to a friend is at the heart of the murder plot.

“I found someone who is going to take Gabriel out. His name is Chris Geile and he’s an ex-Detroit Lion quarterback,” the text read.

However, Geile says he barely knew Daluise and was never asked to commit a crime.

“I want to clear my name because it’s just been, the mental anguish I’ve suffered is far more than any football injury I’ve ever had,” he said.

Daluise says she is not guilty and her attorney told CNN she was the victim of a stalker, who posted fake Craigslist ads claiming she had a rape fantasy.

She believed the stalker was her new business rival, but officials say Suarez had nothing to do with the posts.

“And so this is a mother that was concerned, not only about her safety but the safety of her children,” said Jamon Hicks, Daluise’s defense attorney. “You will see that she was venting to family, she was venting to friends. This was not a case she was trying to solicit someone to murder.”