Man defies the odds, regains use of his paralyzed body

OKLAHOMA - An Oklahoma man defies the odds and regains use of his paralyzed body.

Ten years ago, Jeff Minor was critically injured in a motorcycle accident.

His dreams of motocross fame were fractured in an instant.

At the time, the Oklahoma teenager suffered a broken neck and was not expected to ever walk again.

"They told me I had a spinal cord injury and I might not ever walk again," said Jeff. "I was scared, but determined to live a positive, happy life.  I wasn't going to let it hold me back."

Family and friends rallied around Jeff, praying for a miracle.

Slowly he began regaining use of his paralyzed body.

Jeff walked, unassisted, out of the hospital.

Nearly a decade later, he is doing everything in his power to help other spinal cord victims.

"I think I broke my neck for a reason.  I've been through this injury for a reason," said Jeff. "I feel like this is an opportunity to use my story to help aide in spinal cord injury research."

Though his steps are still a little awkward, and his legs are still a little numb, Jeff was able to compete in the "Wings For Life World Run."

"I can't call myself a runner at all.  I can't call myself a runner, but I am happy and honored to participate," he said.

"Wings For Life World Run" is a race for amateurs and professional athletes who help raise money for research projects aimed at healing spinal cord injuries.

No longer racing motorcycles, Jeff is living for a new purpose.

"I want everyone to have the opportunity to walk," he said.

Jeff walks by faith, knowing nothing is impossible.