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Oklahoma’s new “First Puppy” has a new name

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Courtesy:  Gov. Mary Fallin's Facebook page

Courtesy: Gov. Mary Fallin’s Facebook page

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Gov. Mary Fallin’s new puppy has a new name, after Oklahomans wrote in more than 1,000 suggestions to name the little guy.

According to the governor’s Facebook page,  she had decided to call the pup “Okie”.

The governor asked for name ideas for the white Labrador-Retriever puppy on her Facebook page, which was flooded with suggestions, including Chewy, Thunder, Veto, and Rumble to name a few.

Gov. Fallin and her husband already have a young Labrador mix named Burney they rescued a few years ago.

Burney is already showing the new puppy around the mansion.

Gov. Fallin  described the new puppy as darling, but says he likes to bite.

In fact, the first puppy has already chewed up a pair of the governor’s shoes.