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Appalling: Newborn puppy thrown in trash, gets rescued just in time

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WISCONSIN – An injured puppy is under the care of vets after being rescued from a garbage bin.

A restaurant manager says he heard whimpering as he dumped boxes, and found the puppy in a black plastic bag Thursday.

Manager Bob Lamore followed the same man on a number of surveillance cameras, showing him enter the Planeview Store, and purchase a few items at the register.


Nearly an hour and a half after the events, another employee heard an overheated puppy whimpering out back.

“I wanted to kill somebody.  I can’t believe people can do that,” said Lamore.

Thorp found the puppy in a black bag behind the Dumpster,  just before a garbage truck came through.

“It hurt. It was emotional. We all were,” Lamore said. “Somebody that can do that to something so innocent is so wrong.”

Lamore snapped several photos of the suspect and his truck, hoping someone would help identify him.

As for the puppy, she’s getting care at the St. Bernard’s Animal Hospital.

“It became apparent that I think she has an injury to her back end, which is causing the disfigurement, and I think pain, too,” veterinarian Kim Everson said.

Dr. Everson says it’s a lot of work caring for a puppy this young, especially because he condition continues to change.

“I think it’s very fortunate that she was found. I think she has a pretty good chance,” Everson said.