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Abandoned mobile home blocking road, risking one woman’s health

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. - A road block, of sorts, is causing problems in Eastern Cleveland County.

We're not talking about a traffic accident or construction zone, but an abandoned single wide trailer.

It is keeping cars and trucks from getting around in an area near Southeast 149th and Harrah-Newalla Road.

Residents say the mobile home was just dropped off in the road about three months ago.

Nearby residents think they know where it came from, the problem is getting it moved and making sure crews can reach them in an emergency.

Charles Dague, who lives near the intersection, said, "If you have a fire, firetrucks ain't going to get back here. Ambulances can't get back here."

Since appearing in the roadway the trailer has had its windows and doors stripped.

Junk and tires now cover the floors.

Dague said, "It's falling apart."

Dorian Williams, who lives nearby, said, "It's a health hazard. It stinks every time I go by there."

While traffic can maneuver around when necessary, residents fear enough of the road is blocked that a head on collision could easily occur.

Not only that, it's also preventing Dorian from getting the health care she needs.

She said, "My home health can't get here."

Dorian is battling cancer in her liver, her lung and her intestines.

She said, "I'm fixing to go on hospice and they're not going to come if that trailer's blocking."

The health care workers say the intersection is too dangerous.

Dague said, "Cleveland County won't come out and help us. They tell us we have to get the neighborhood association."

But that cost is more than residents can afford, especially considering it's not a problem they created.

Dorian is hoping someone will come and move the trailer.

In the meantime, she has this message for the person who dumped it here.

Dorian said, "Just come and move it before it causes a head on collision and so I can get the help I need because I'm in a lot of pain."

Cleveland County officials say you should always report these type of situations; however, they admit if it is determined to be a private road it will be up to residents in the neighborhood to clean it up.