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GARBER, Okla. - Neighbors in Garber discovered the body of their neighbor after her four-year-old daughter was found wandering in the street alone.

Jim Rowell and his wife were returning to their Garber home Saturday afternoon when they found the little girl.

"Right up here about Main Street, four blocks away, was a little girl just in a nasty diaper, barefooted in the middle of the road," said Rowell.

Rowell asked the girl where her mom was and the child ran back down the street, leading them to an upstairs apartment.

Rowell's wife couldn't get anyone to answer the door so they turned to the next door neighbor.

Brittney Grace went inside to find 26-year-old Chasity Hancock dead.

"We went behind the curtain and she pointed down to her mom and said 'mommy blood, mommy sleeping' and I seen her laying there on the floor," said Grace.

The Garfield County sheriff's department was called out and they developed leads that Hancock's boyfriend may have been involved.

They traced Christopher Sparks, 23, to Arizona where he was arrested on a charge of first degree murder.

Grace says she heard the couple fighting Friday night.

"We heard them fighting whenever we were out on the porch but all I heard was her yelling and we couldn't really hear words or anything," said Grace.

Grace's main concern after finding the body was for Hancock's daughter, who may have witnessed a horrific crime.

"Whenever I seen her on the floor and her daughter was trying to touch her. I just grabbed her and I was holding her and I was crying," said Grace.

"She probably seen the whole thing. She has to grow up and live that life and it ain't going to be pretty for a little girl," said Rowell.

Sheriff Niles says Sparks will be extradited back to Oklahoma.

Neighbors say he'd only been living with the victim for a few months.

They say he is not the father of the four-year-old girl, who is now with relatives.

Officials will eventually have to interview her about what she saw, but for now, they're giving her some time to recover.

Right now, they're not saying how Hancock died.