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Resident’s tall grass attracting rats, opossums

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents in a southeast neighborhood are upset because one of their neighbors refuses to take care of their yard.

Neighbors say the waist-high grass has attracted mosquitoes, rats, and opossums.

William Couch who lives next-door to the home of these varmints says "they're all over the place."

Couch says the home is a pest paradise and it's funneling the nasty creatures into their yards.

He says "it's disrespectful to have a place like this, whenever everyone else is trying to have a good lawn."

The problem is so out of hand, Couch says it's even affecting his grandchildren.

"My grandkids can't even go out in the back at night because of the opossums. There are also big rats that are coming out of this place."

Bobby Doyle says his biggest fear is that one of these varmints could bite one of their children.

"They could get bit by rats or something, get rabies. The way that it looks, there could be homeless people in there and we don`t even know it."

Couch says as the grass grows, so does the danger, and nothing is being done about it.

"They need to find out what's going on, I've been calling for six months or a year now and I'm just glad you guys came out maybe we can get this taken care of."

The city says they have started to go through the legal process to help get the yard taken care of.